Welcome to LNB Beauty...Book Your Appointment!!! Text message us @ (704)493-6350
Welcome to LNB Beauty...Book Your Appointment!!! Text message us @ (704)493-6350
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Hair Care & More for the Whole Family

Keep your natural hair healthy and beautiful with our expert help. L.N.B. Beauty offers haircuts, chemical treatments, and more for men, women, and children in Charlotte, North Carolina. From trimming the ends to prevent splitting to dying strands for a vibrantly colored look, we do what it takes to keep you looking your best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


LNB Beauty Services

The following prices are dependent upon the hair texture, length, and quantity of hair, as well as the amount of time needed to install and the complexity of the haircut and style. All clients receive one-on-one service in our private salon suite.

Trims—Women: $15.00, Men: $15.00, Kids: $10.00 | Basic Cuts—Women: $30.00, Men: $20.00, Kids: $15.00 | Textured Cuts—Women: $50.00, Men: $50.00, Kids: $25.00

Shampoo & Style—$35.00 | Silk Press—$45.00 + | Updos—$55.00 +

Relaxer—$65.00 | Partial Relaxer—$45.00 | Virgin Relaxer—$90.00 | Semi—$25.00 + | Permanent—$60.00 + | Decolorizer—$80.00 + | Men's Color—$35.00 + | Cap Highlights—$80.00 + | Partial Highlights—$80.00 + | Full Highlights—$110.00 + | Straightener—$150.00 +

Dry Scalp—$20.00 + | Protein—$20.00 | Strengthening & Reconstruction—$40.00

Silk Press—$55.00 + | Two Strand Twist—$55.00 + | Coil Twist—$60.00 + | Rod Set—$60.00 + | Twist Up-do Styles—$65.00+ |Loc Retwist—$55.00 + |Loc Styling—$20.00+ 

Quick Weaves—$85.00+ | Sew-Ins—Single: $15.00ea | Partial----$135.00+ | 3/4 Sew-Ins—$150.00 + | Full with Invisible Part—$175.00 + | Full with Closure—$200.00 + | Tightening—$15.00 + | Removal—$30.00  | Shampoo & Style—$50.00 +

Box Braids—$180.00+ | Twists: $180.00+ | Feed in Braids----$50.00 (2 braids)----$65.00 (4-5 braids)----$80.00 (6 braids)----$90.00 (7 braids)----$100.00 (8 braids)----$120.00 (10 or more braids) | Lemonade Braids—$150.00 (medium)----$180.00 (small) + | Half Cornrow/Box—$220.00 + | Crochet—$130.00 | Goddess Locs—$325.00 + 

***For Feed in Braids add $5.00/pk for hair*** 

By Consultation:
 Informing clients about what's best for the health of their is important to us. To ensure the best option is made not only for desired look, but also for the health of your hair we require a consultation for some chemical services as well as the following...

Custom Made Hair Units (Full or Partial) | Interlace Extensions | Strand by Strand | Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Cancellation Policy

Please allow 24 hours for all rescheduling and cancelling of appointments. We regret that we must charge a no-show fee for all missed appointments kept without proper notice of cancellation.

A 50% deposit of total cost will be required to schedule an appointment that's three or more hours. There will be a $20.00 per hour inconvenience charge for any appointment not kept without proper notice.